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France and Germany agree to block Facebook's Libra
17-09-2019, 00:28:17
France and Germany have agreed to block Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, the French finance ministry said on Friday.

In a joint statement, the two governments affirmed that “no private entity can claim monetary power, which is inherent to the sovereignty of nations”.


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A New Business Model for the Web
17-09-2019, 00:22:38
Tech entrepreneur Stefan Thomas wants to create a version of the Internet that frees creative types from relying on ad money from YouTube or Instagram to support themselves. Instead, creators would be paid directly by their fans.

To this end, Thomas’s blockchain company, Coil, along with ...


Marc Andreessen: "cryptocurrencies could solve some of the internet’s biggest...
03-09-2019, 00:42:29
Marc Andreessen, co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, has said that cryptocurrencies could solve some of the internet’s biggest challenges.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal on Sept. 1, Andreessen was speaking at a private conference organized by A...


G20 agree to FATF Standards for cryptocurrency guidelines
03-07-2019, 19:59:00
The FATF guidelines which were released on June 21, will require exchanges to collect and transfer customer information during transactions. The Forum commented on the move, saying "We reaffirm our commitment to applying the recently amended FATF Standards to virtual assets and related providers for...


When and where is alt season?
03-07-2019, 12:13:28
Bitcoin looks set for more blood and could test lower $9,000 levels according to traders. Everyone will be expecting Bitcoin to possibly find support between mid-$8,000 levels and mid-$9,000 levels, which would allow altcoins some space to recover against Bitcoin. 

Alt season most likely ...


Tips for surviving and thriving in an early stage bull market
01-07-2019, 20:15:44
It's going to take a while for folks who survived the last bear to shift their mindset to a bull market, including me.

These tips are mostly for long-term investors, but others may also find them useful.

In an early stage bull market:

Don't underestimate the greed wh...

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